IASC Working Groups funded activities often result in scientific publications important for the Arctic scientific community. Here you can find a list of publication and its IASC-related activity.

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NameYearAuthorIASC Related Activities/WGs
Building resilient Arctic science amid the COVID-19 pandemic 2020 A.N. Petrov, L.D. Hinzman, L. Kullerud, T. S. Degai, L. Holmberg, A. Pope & A. Yefimenko  
Moving a Conference from Iceland to Zoom, Best Practices and Lessons Learned from Arctic Science Summit Week 2020 2020 ASSW2020 Organisers ASSW2020.is
IASC's 2020 State of Arctic Science Report 2020 IASC Report  
IASC Member Country Survey 2020 IASC Report  
T-MOSAiC—A new circumpolar collaboration 2020 D. Folhas, J. Canário, and W.F. Vincent T-MOSAiC
Review article: How does glacier discharge affect marine biogeochemistry and primary production in the Arctic? 2020 M. J. Hopwood,D. Carroll, T. Dunse, A. Hodson, J. M. Holding, J. L. Iriarte, S. Ribeiro, E.P. Achterberg, C. Cantoni, D.F. Carlson, M. Chierici, J.S. Clarke, S. Cozzi, A. Fransson, T. Juul-Pedersen, M. H. S. Winding, , and L. Meire. Network on Arctic Glaciology Annual Meeting (2018 & 2019) and Glacier-Ocean Interactions and their Impact on Arctic Marine Ecosystems
Fostering multidisciplinary research on interactions between chemistry, biology, and physics within the coupled cryosphere-atmosphere system 2020 Jennie L. Thomas, J. Stutz, M. M. Frey, T. Bartels-Rausch, K. Altieri, F. Baladima, J. Browse, M. Dall’Osto, L. Marelle, J. Mouginot, J. G. Murphy, D. Nomura, K. A. Pratt, M. D. Willis, P. Zieger, J. Abbatt, T. A. Douglas, M. C.Facchini, J.France, A. E. Jones, K. Kim, P. A. Matrai, V. F. McNeill, A. Saiz-Lopez, P. Shepson, N. Steiner, K. S. Law, S. R. Arnold, B. Delille, J. Schmale, J. E. Sonke, A. Dommergue, D. Voisin, M. L. Melamed, J. Gier CATCH: the Cryosphere and ATmospheric CHemistry
Permafrost Collapse is Accelerating Carbon Release 2019 B.W. Abbott, M.C. Jones, K.W. Anthony, D. Olefeldt, E.A.G. Schuur, C. Koven, A.D. McGuire, G. Grosse, P. Kuhry, G. Hugelius, D.M. Lawrence, C. Gibson and A.B.K. Sannel Permafrost Carbon Network
Addressing Arctic Challenges Requires a Synoptic Ocean Survey 2019 Øyvind Paasche, Are Olsen, Marius Årthun, Leif G. Anderson, Sten-Åke Wängberg, Carin J. Ashjian, Jacqueline M. Grebmeier, Takashi Kikuchi, Shigeto Nishino, Sayaka Yasunaka, Sung-Ho Kang, Kyoung-Ho Cho, Kumiko Azetsu-Scott, William J. Williams, Eddy Carmack, Sinhué Torres-Valdés, Toby Tyrrell, Karen Edelvang, Jianfeng He, and Heidi Marie Kassens Synoptic Arctic Survey (SAS)
Understanding the Terrestrial Effects of Arctic Sea Ice Decline 2019 W. F. Vincent, J. Canário, and J. Boike T-MOSAiC
Land Improvement Under Conditions of Permafrost: Melioratsiia and Intended Forms of Environmental Change in Soviet Yakutia 2019 J.O. HabecK and A. Yakovlev Permafrost and Culture (2014) and Permafrost Dynamics and Indigenous Land Use (2015)
Permafrost Zone Soils and the Traditional Land Use of the Aboriginal Populations of North-Eastern European Russia and Western Siberia: Research Problem Statement 2019 J.O. HabecK and K. Istomin Permafrost dynamics and indigenous land use in the Northern Urals: Combining insights of local land users, environmental and social scientists
Introduction: Feminist Approaches and the Study of Gender in Arctic Social Sciences 2018 V. Vladimirova and J. O. Habeck Gender Asymmetries in Northern Communities: Perspectives from the Margins, For more information check IASC 216 Bulletin
Dependence of the evolution of carbon dynamics in the Northern Permafrost Region on the trajectory of climate change Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2018 M.D. Lawrence, C.D. Koven, J. Clein, E.J. Burke, G. Chen, E. Jafarov, A. MacDougall, S. Marchenko,D. Nicolsky, S.-S. Peng, A. Rinke, P. Ciais, I. Gouttevin, D. Hayes, D. Ji, G. Krinner, J. Moore, V. Romanovsky, C. Schädel, K. Schaefer, E.A.G. Schuur, Q. Zhuang Permafrost Carbon Network
Reviews and Syntheses: Changing Ecosystem Influences on Soil Thermal Regimes in Northern High-Latitude Permafrost Regions 2018 B.W. MAbbott, D. Blok, T.A. Douglas, H.E. Epstein, B.C. Forbes, B.M. Jones, A.L. Kholodov, H. Kropp, A. Malhotra, S.D. Mamet, I.H. Myers-Smith,S.M. Natali, J.A. O’Donnell,G.K. Phoenix,A.V. Rocha, O. Sonnentag, K.D. Tape and D.A. Walker Permafrost Carbon Network
Frozen-Ground Cartoons: Permafrost Comics as an Innovative Tool for Polar Outreach, Education, and Engagement 2018 F. Bouchard, J. Sansoulet, M. Fritz, J. Malenfant-Lepage, A. Nieuwendam,M. Paquette, A.C.A. Rudy,M.B. Siewert,Y Sjöberg,G. Tanski,J.O. Habeck, and L. Harbor The Frozen-Ground Cartoons
The Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets Under 1.5 °C Global Warming 2018 F. Pattyn, C. Ritz, E. Hanna, X. Asay-Davis, R. DeConto, G. Durand, L. Favier, X. Fettweis, H. Goelzer, N. R. Golledge, P. Kuipers Munneke, J.T. M. Lenaerts, S. Nowicki, A. J. Payne, A. Robinson, H. Seroussi, L.D. Trusel & M. van den Broeke SCAR/IASC/CliC Ice Sheet Mass Balance and Sea Level (ISMASS)
Local Arctic Air Pollution: A Neglected but Serious Problem 2018 J. Schmale, S. R. Arnold, K. S. Law, T. Thorp, S. Anenberg, W. R. Simpson, J. Mao, K. A. Pratt The Second PACES Science Workshop
Non-linear Response of Summertime Marine Productivity to Increased Meltwater Discharge Around Greenland 2018 M. J. Hopwood, D. Carroll, T. J. Browning, L. Meire, J. Mortensen, S. Krisch & E. P. Achterberg The Importance of Arctic Glaciers for the Arctic Marine Ecosystem
Revisiting Perceptions and Evolving Culture: a Community Dialogue on Women in Polar Research 2018 S. Starkweather, M. Seag, O. Lee, A. Pope From Entering the Field to Taking the Helm: Perspectives of Women in Polar Research
Where the Poles Come Together, POLAR2018 Joint Open Science Conference 2018 Juliana D’Andrilli POLAR2018
Permafrost and Culture (PaC): Integrating Environmental, Geo-, and Social Sciences to Assess Permafrost Dynamics and Indigenous Land Use 2017 M. Ulrich and J. O. Habeck Permafrost dynamics and indigenous land use in the Northern Urals: Combining insights of local land users, environmental and social scientists
Frozen-Ground Cartoons: an International Collaboration Between Artists and Permafrost Scientists 2017 H. Nääs and N. Ross, with F. Bouchard, B. Deshpande, M. Fritz, J. Malenfant-Lepage, A. Nieuwendam, M. Paquette, A. Rudy, M. Siewert, Y. Sjöberg, A. Veillette, S. Weege, J. Harbor and J. O. Habeck Permafrost on All Channels
Permafrost Livelihoods: a Transdisciplinary Review and Analysis of Thermokarst-Based Systems of Indigenous Land Use 2017 S. Crate, U. Mathias, J. O. Habeck, A. R. Desyatkin, R. V. Desyatkin, A. N. Fedorov, T. Hiyama, Y. Iijima, S. Kesenofontov, C. Mészáros and H. Takakura Permafrost and Culture (2014) and Permafrost Dynamics and Indigenous Land Use (2015), For more information check IASC 2014 and 2015 Bulletins
Arctic Science: From Knowledge to Action? 2017 K. Timm, A. Pope, M. Smieszek, G. Fugmann & Y. Zaika Workshop, Arctic Science: From Knowledge to Action?
Glacier Surface Velocity Retrieval Using D-InSAR and Offset Tracking Techniques Applied to Ascending and Descending Passes of Sentinel-1 Data for Southern Ellesmere Ice Caps, Canadian Arctic. 2017 P. Sánchez-Gámez, and F.J. Navarro Network on Arctic Glaciology
Modeling the Controls on the Front Position of a Tidewater Glacier in Svalbard 2017 Otero J., Navarro F.J., Lapazaran J.J., Welty E., Puczko D. and R. Finkelnburg Network on Arctic Glaciology
Polar Low Workshop Summary 2017 Thomas Spengler  
The Arctic Science Agreement propels science diplomacy 2017 Paul Arthur Berkman, Lars Kullerud (UArctic), Allen Pope (IASC), Alexander N. Vylegzhanin, Oran R. Young  
Permafrost and Indigenous Land Use in the Northern Urals: Komi and Nenets Reindeer Husbandry 2016 K. Istomin and J. O. Habeck Permafrost dynamics and indigenous land use in the Northern Urals: Combining insights of local land users, environmental and social scientists
Arctic terrestrial hydrology: A synthesis of processes, regional effects, and research challenges 2016 A. Bring, I. Fedorova, Y. Dibike, L. Hinzman, J. Mård, S. H. Mernild, T. Prowse, O. Semenova, S. L. Stuefer, M.‐K. Woo Arctic Freshwater Synthesis (AFS)
High-Latitude Dynamics of Atmosphere–Ice–Ocean Interactions 2016 Thomas Spengler Workshop on Dynamics of Atmosphere-Ice-Ocean Interactions in High Latitudes
ICARP III Final Report 2016   ICARP III
MOSAiC Science Plan 2016 2016    
The Arctic Freshwater System in a Changing Climate Report 2016    
Integrating Environmental, Geo-, And Social Sciences To Assess Permafrost Dynamics And Indigenous Land Use 2015 M. Ulrich and J. O. Habeck Permafrost and Culture (2014) and Permafrost Dynamics and Indigenous Land Use (2015)
IASC 2014 and 2015 Bulletins
Arctic Freshwater Synthesis: Introduction 2015 T. Prowse, A. Bring, J. Mård, E. Carmack Arctic Freshwater Synthesis (AFS)
Arctic Freshwater Synthesis: Summary of Key Emerging Issues 2015 T. Prowse, A. Bring, J. Mård, E. Carmack, M. Holland, A. Instanes, T. Vihma, F. J. Wrona Arctic Freshwater Synthesis (AFS)
Changes to Freshwater Systems Affecting Arctic Infrastructure and Natural Resources 2015 A. Instanes, V. Kokorev, R. Janowicz, O. Bruland, K. Sand, T. Prowse Arctic Freshwater Synthesis (AFS)
Freshwater and its Role in the Arctic Marine System: Sources, Disposition, Storage, Export, and Physical and Biogeochemical Consequences in the Arctic and Global Ocean 2015 E.C. Carmack, M. Yamamoto-Kawai, T. Haine, S. Bacon, B. Bluhm, C. Lique, H. Melling, I. Polyakov, F. Straneo, M.-L. Timmermans, W.J. Williams; Arctic Freshwater Synthesis (AFS)
Modeling the Arctic freshwater system and its integration in the global system: Lessons learned and future challenges 2015 C. Lique, M. M. Holland, Y. B. Dibike, D. M. Lawrence, J. A. Screen Arctic Freshwater Synthesis (AFS)
The Atmospheric Role In The Arctic Water Cycle: A Review On Processes, Past And Future Changes, And Their Impacts 2015 T. Vihma, J. Screen, M. Tjernström, B. Newton, X. Zhang, V. Popova, C. Deser, M. Holland, T. Prowse Arctic Freshwater Synthesis (AFS)
Transitions in Arctic Ecosystems: Ecological Implications of a Changing Hydrological Regime 2015 F.J. Wrona, M. Johansson, J. M. Culp, A. Jenkins, J. Mård, I. H. Myers‐Smith, T. D. Prowse, W. F. Vincent, P. A. Wookey Arctic Freshwater Synthesis (AFS)

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