ASSW 2020 Akureyri (Iceland), including the 5th Arctic Observing Summit

ASSW 2019 Arkhangelsk (Russia), including Science Symposium

Polar 2018 Davos (Switzerland), including ASSW Business Meetings, Science Symposium, and Arctic Observing Summit

ASSW 2017 Prague (Czech Republic), including Science Symposium

ASSW 2016 Fairbanks (Alaska), including 3rd Arctic Observing Summit

ASSW 2015 Toyama (Japan), including 3rd International Conference on Arctic Research Planning (ICARP III) and 4th International Symposium on Arctic Research (ISAR-4)

ASSW 2014 Helsinki (Finland), including 2nd Arctic Observing Summit

ASSW 2013 Krakow (Poland), including Science Symposium: “The Arctic Hub - Regional and Global Perspectives”

ASSW 2012 Montreal (Canada), as part of the IPY Conference “From Knowledge to Action”

ASSW 2011 Seoul (Republic of Korea), including Science Symposium “The Arctic: New Frontier for Global Science.

ASSW 2010 Nuuk, Greenland

ASSW 2009 Bergen (Norway), including Science Symposium “Arctic Connections – Results of 150 Years of Research”

ASSW 2008 Syktyvkar, Komi Republic, Russia

ASSW 2007 Hanover NH (USA)

ASSW 2006 Potsdam, Germany

ASSW 2005 Kunming, China

ASSW 2004 Reykjavik, Iceland

ASSW 2003 Kiruna, Sweden

ASSW 2002 Groningen, Netherlands

ASSW 2001 Iqaluit, Canada

ASSW 2000 Cambridge, UK

ASSW 1999 Tromsø, Norway