Arctic Coastal Dynamics

Coastal Permafrost in Transition (CPiT)

A one-day side meeting called Arctic Coastal Permafrost in Transition (CPiT) will take place on June 19, 2016, at the (ICOP2016). The meeting aims to energize and connect the coastal scientific community and to continue the legacy of the IPA-sponsored Arctic Coastal Dynamics group (ACD, an IASC network and LOICZ-affiliated project). The meeting seeks to coordinate research efforts on coastal dynamics along circum-arctic permafrost coasts, with a focus on physical processes.

The specific objectives of the this one-day meeting are to:

  • Unite researchers from diverse geographic backgrounds and career stages
  • Explore future research and data needs
  • Discuss best practices for a range of methods
  • Solicit suggestions from participants regarding next steps for ACD
  • Identify funding sources for future networking opportunities


The registration deadline was March 1, 2016. 


Invited speakers will open the meeting providing an overview of the history of coordinated arctic coastal dynamics research, the state of ACD, and knowledge gaps in the field. Following a joint lunch break, discussions focussing on current research, and future coordination will follow. We seek participants willing to give brief presentations on insights into cutting edge methodologies for data collection and analysis in Arctic coastal settings.

We strongly encourage participants in the following sessions to join the Coastal Permafrost in Transition (CPiT) discussion:

  • Session 22. Integrating hydrology and biogeochemistry along the land-to-ocean continuum
  • Session 23. Advances in our understanding of submarine permafrost, Arctic gas hydrate deposits, and greenhouse gases in Arctic coastal waters
  • Session 24. Polar coastlines in transition
  • Session 28. Hazards and risks related to changing mountain, low-land and coastal permafrost


We hope to see you there. Please register online here by January 31, 2016.

Thank you,

The CPiT organizing team: Nicole Couture, Paul Overduin, Louise Farquharson, Anna Konopczak, Anatoly Sinitsyn, Mateusz Strzelecki and Boris Radosavljevic



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