Marine Working Group
Photo: Luke Trusel


The scientific scope of the Marine Working Group shall include but not be limited to any marine natural science or engineering research.

The geographic scope of the Marine Working Group shall be the Arctic Ocean and the Subarctic Seas.

Contact: IASC Secretariat


Work Plan

Each Working Group has published a work plan to concisely articulate (with scientifically-driven high-level specifics, not programmatic detail) how they will achieve IASC’s vision over 5 years. These plans are meant to help Arctic scientists get involved in IASC activities, and it is expected that they will evolve in the coming years as the Working Groups continue with their work. The 2017-2022 Marine Working Group Work Plan is available here.


Scientific Foci

  • Predicting and understanding rapid changes to the Ocean system
  • Understanding biological and and ecosystem processes in the Arctic and sub-arctic seas
  • Understanding sea ice structure dynamics and the Arctic system
  • Understanding geochemical processes in the Arctic and sub-arctic seas
  • Enhancing and improving access to the paleo record of the Arctic Ocean through scientific drilling


The following three general themes were identified by the Marine WG as important cross-cutting issues which should be addressed by most, if not all, the IASC Working Groups:

  • How will the diminishing ice cover affect the carbon cycle in the Arctic and what are the impacts?
  • How does the variability of different components of the Arctic system impact the heat and momentum exchanges between ocean, ice, atmosphere and space in a changing climate?
  • How will changes in the hydrological cycle impact various components of the Arctic system?


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